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[09 May 2004|01:57am]
slash i changed my LJ name...

its now --> Wasted_Kiss
so add me to ur friends list :)

and if ur nice and would not mind helpin me fix a few things it would be greatly appreciated because i am NOT an LJ smartie.. haha laterrrr
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>circus [08 May 2004|09:59pm]
[ mood | amused ]

so last night i went to the circus :) with Tegan, Jess, Andy, Colleen and Nikki. the family went too by yeah basically it was us 5 :). it was an AWESOME time! soo much fun. u dont even kno. the car ride there was crazy. don vito and a DELICIOUS hoagie can't get much better then that in the backseat with tegan!! then andy yellin at the drive thru window thing... hahahaha! jess hangin out the window to tape mcdonalds trash to andy's windshield! HAHAHA. oh wow it was the best car ride ever! then the girls in front of us at the circus.. jess most deff picked a fight with them... and we bumped into them on the street and they RAN from us!!!! ahhh hahahahahaha! oh man greatest thing ever. :) i love you guys sooo much! :):):):) then we went back to my house and tegan went home... and me, jess, andy, colleen and nikki went party hoppin because we are that cool :) be jealous!! overall awesome night. andy singin frank sinatra deff was the icing on the cake!! today slept til 1045 woke up and me, nikki and colleen pigged out on cold pizza haha! then we looked from prom hair styles.. i had no luck but colleen found one. then they left around 2 i think. then i got ready for work and worked 430-730 then my dad and ben picked me up and we went out to dinner with chris, kayla and my mom. it was a fun time. i was ooc and yea it was a good time. now im home. and im tired and im in my comfy clothes... haha. yeah. well im out. leave one -- laterrr

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t h u r s d a y :) [06 May 2004|02:37pm]
[ mood | excited ]

school is blah, we know this.

tomorrow is friday :) im excited. im goin to the circus :):) with colleen, nicole and maybe jess, tiff, tegan and andy... im SOOO excited! ha me and colleen are dorks!

so anyway i've been becoming really close to a bunch of people again and i love it. i love you guys and i always have fun when im with you. why did we ever stop hangin out ? hmm yeah...

but then theres another person or other people.. that im drifting away from. some i'm tryin to fix things with. but others i jus gave up. things change i guess. i'm not even sure if you read this but i dont hate you... we always had soo much fun together and a lot of memories i will never forget. but i think you've changed and i duno its jus not who u used to be. i can't really explain it and i'd rather not fight about it. but lets jus leave it at that. we're still civil to eachother and you prolly dont even kno if this is to you or not.. but thats ok. im over it. jus had to let that out...

anyway so yea friday -circus then prolly chillen at mi casa.. im kinda slash really excited. then colleen is sleeping over.. and maybe nicole ? then saturday im goin to get my nails done with nikki and maybe kayle. then workin later that night.. hopefully doin somethin fun saturday night :)!!! i'm in a reallllly good mood and i dont even kno why. wooooooo hooooooo.

so i jus keep writing......... i cant wait for this summer. i plan on chillen wit friends sooo much. gona be fun. last night i went to Jessica's house to do key terms for history.. it was me, jess, tegan, steve, jared and danielle. then ryan, derek and erik showed up but they werent doin homework. it was a fun time. we joked and what not and i didnt even end up finishing my homework! i suck. but it was fun anyway. tegan, steve and danielle left at 10, erik derek and ryan went somewhere for a while. and i stayed til 1130!!!!!!! i was sooo tired today! it sucked. hmm. but yea im out now.. love you allllll like woahhhh!

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woo hoo :) [03 May 2004|08:14pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

so im jus kinda excited! thats strange too cuz its a monday and i hate mondays and im usually never excited on mondays. but yeah school was alright. people are dumb, they say shit in front of me to get me pissed but whatever. :) im over it. didnt really do much in school, watched me, Tegan and Jess's spanish video which is by far the greatest thing ever :) hahaha. <3 and i have a bunch of tests slash quizzes tomorrow but whatever.

so im excited cuz im goin to florida this month :). im not sure if i'm goin with someone or myself yet.. i'm finding that out tonight like laterr. but either way its gona be fun. if i go by myself im gona be scared cuz im scared to fly by my lonesome but it will be worth it to see chels graduate and jus be down there wit her. :) haha. i figured out the flights and everything... but im jus waiting to hear if my mom is accompany me down there. hmmm. so yea i should be at Jessicer's house right now with Jess, Jared and Ryan but my dad is cool and wouldnt let me use his car so i didnt get to go and watch the movie from the party :( another time? i hope.

anyway im out... hopefully this week goes by fast so the weekend comes. i heart the weekend like whoa and hopefully i'll spend some time with the cool kids this weekend ? haha. love you guys <3 obviously at the kids at Tiff's party were cool and we deff need to do that again. i jus wana say RACHEL HALL ur fuckin amazing :) hahaha. well im out ----- laterrr

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okayy [02 May 2004|08:22pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

so i need a new job. workin one night a week at peking garden making $21 a night isn't workin out too well. not that i thought it would. but im gettin my car in june, which i need to pay car insurance and gas -- i need to pay my cell phone bill and i want a new cell phone.. so in order to get one and to pay for it i need a job.

i've already applied to a bunch of places but they either dont need people or they already hired other people. and im soo scared cuz i dont kno what to do. i mean i kno they will teach me but still im scared. :( my sister jus got a job at dick's sporting goods... her boyfriend got a job at marshalls. so now im officially the only one with out a job seeing as i quit my job at peking garden before chris quit his at point breeze. and kayle got a job at the blue jay. then chris and me were lookin for jobs and we both applied to marshalls but he got it. then kayla applies to one place and BAM she gets a job. i guess i jus suck at life. :(

i neeeeeed a job sooooo bad!!!! ahhhh.
leave me comments if u kno somewhere that is hiring...
it would be greatly appreciated <3

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i heart the s u n [01 May 2004|05:21pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

it was such a beautiful day today :) ahhh.

Happy Birthday Heather... haha! love you DirRtAy :)

Anyway me and my mom are good now, if anyone cared. prolly not but whatever. we went out to lunch and talked about everything and we are good. slash we sat next to the window in the restaurant and i got a sun burn on one arm. not even cool!! then i came home and i've been chillen doin nothin really. i hafta work at 6 and i don't wana.. but i need the money!! blah!

i can't even wait for the summer. Last night when i was at Tiff's i realized how much fun we all have together, we jus never hang out ever because we are losers. :) haha. sorry but its true. like we all expect the others to call us when we could call as well. or some people dont get along with others as well... i duno. last night was soo much fun and i wish i couldve stayed longer. i want this summer to be like last night... jus chillen, haven a good time, plus the video camera -aha! and the boys streaking... gotta love 'em :) hahahaha. oh man. <3

i wana change the look of my lj but i dont even kno where to begin. i havent changed it in soo long i think i forgot how :( that sucks. but yea a month and a half left of school.. :) ahh i cant even wait!!

s u m m e r . t i m e <3

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F R I D A Y [30 Apr 2004|11:50pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Tiffany Lynn Gagner :)
i love you like woah... loved seeing you tonight :) muah!

so yea i worked 430-730 made money, then went home and showered, and i actually got to use the car cuz my mom was out with her boyfriend. so we went to Tiff's for her birthday. and it was fun. and i loved everyone. it was a good time. i missed my Tiffany and as soon as i get a car in June i told auntie dawn and melissa (tiff's aunt and mom) that im gona be there every day! haha they love me.. its all good! so yea my mom was bein cool (slash not) and wanted me home at 10. but after i was bein a bitch and tellin her i wasnt comin home she changed it to 11. fuck that she was asleep when i got in at 11:15. wow i cant wait til june to have my own car!!!

oooouuuuuugggggggghhhhhh. sooo anyway im way tired but im not goin to bed. i love how no one left me memories :( whatever i kne no one would. im over it. im out- bye.

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mm yea [29 Apr 2004|02:49pm]
[ mood | blank ]

happy birthday Jayde Lynn -love you!!

we went to boston today for the college fair. i had fun even tho we didnt do much lookin at colleges (jus a little) i had fun hangin out wit the girls because we never do out of school and i realized we should. hmm... i also saw Erica at the college fair. -- i miss 8th grade. :(

i hate college. i dont even wana think about it right now. ough...
last day to sign up for the SAT's was today.. who kne ? wow i suck at life and im gona fail out of high school even tho my last year is next year. im screwed. wow. :( i hate everything.

Post a memory of me in the comments. it can be anything you want. then post this to your journal and see what people remember of you.

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summer time... [26 Apr 2004|07:18pm]
[ mood | tired ]

*Ready to disappear into Summer's bliss of staying out, sleeping in, and getting drunk with my friends...*

wow i hate school... :(

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back to schoooool [25 Apr 2004|10:12pm]
[ mood | tired ]

tomorrows monday -- BLAH BLAH

the only good thing about tomorrow is Stamos is in Florida along with the seniors, and Tenzca :) and i get to see my wonderful friends that i didnt see at all this week cuz well we're cool like that.. haha! but i did get to see my Jessicer today and that made my week :) she spent the last day of vaca.. standing on a worm! ha.

hmm i'm soo tired and sore.. i have huge blisters on the bottom on my feet from the shoes i wore today while marching!! it sucks and it hurts. then i lost the permission slip to go on the college fair and that sucks cuz i wanted to go. ehh maybe i'll have my mom jus write a note and bring money? yea i think that will work. haha.

oh yea.. i might slash probably go to FLORIDA in hmm... 24 days to see my bestfriend since i was 2 graduate from high school.. haha! yes im wicked excited cuz i havent seen her since the summer ? i think. hmm so yea chels be prepared it'll be fun! and if kayle can come.. well u kno we'll have a hoteL party no matter what! ah ha! :)

im out tho... gonna finish talkin to chels then go to bed cuz well i hafta wake up at 6 to shower and what not... god i hate school. when can summer come ???? bye

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[25 Apr 2004|08:06am]
[ mood | awake ]

its already sunday! that sucks soo much. ough. vaca went by soo fast! but it was fun i guess. hung out with the same people pretty much, got my prom dress, i didnt see any of the girls this vaca :( hmm. one night timmy and jon told me they were gona come to my house at 5 in the morning cuz i told them they wouldnt.. and yea they didnt! but friday.. they came to my house at 230 in the morning because Jon's a cool kid and got his lisence and can have kids in his car, AND drive after 12. bastard! but yea so Jon, Timmy, Derek and John came over and we hung out in the car and talked and i ended up locking myself out of my house at 3 in the morning so we had to break in :) hahahaha. great times. i love it. but yea overall fun vaca.

but now its sunday and i had to wake up at 7 to drive my mom to work so i could have the car because i have the stupid band marching thing today at 1230 altho i have no idea where to go and i dont wana go. grrr. anyway leave the comments. bye.

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hm [23 Apr 2004|09:11am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

well i thought after last night things would be better.. but i guess not. fuck all of it, it really sucks that it has to be like that. whatever im done.

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hmm [23 Apr 2004|12:22am]
[ mood | blah ]

so yea this night.. slash last night cuz its technically friday right now. but anyway thursday night was soo messed up. :( went to applebees with kayle, kayla, ben, and chris. my mom and charlie ended up goin there and it was funny cuz my moms a dork and kept callin my cell phone tryin to find me in the restaurant and she was only 5 booths away from me. shes a dork.. haha. but yea then we went back to my house and bradley lowe was at tony's house -- haha. good times. we said hello and what not then me ben and kayle went to timmy's to figure shit out and talk to him about everything. shit was said and it sucks but i think everythings gona be alright ? kay drove us home around 1030 then went home cuz she hada be in for 11. soo Jon called me and we talked for like an hr and a half bout everything and me and him are good.. but i duno. anyway now its almost 1230 and timmy and kayle were supposed to call me but my house phone was disconnected and i didnt even kno it and i jus figured out that my phone was off the hook so they prolly tried callin and obviously it didnt work :( hmm.. soo now im up and wide awake and i hafta get up at 8 tomorrow to go babysit for my aunt.. but i guess its alright cuz i need money and shes paying me. so yea hmmm... i have so much on my mind right now and i dont even kno where to begin. obviouisly not writing it in here cuz everyone doesnt need to kno.. but yea it jus sucks big time.

but on the up side everthing is cool with timmy now and me and kay went there tonight like i said and i guess jim rut was there and he waited for me and kay cuz he wanted to see us but he left right before we got there.. hmm maybe another time i guess? haha. gotta love jim. soo yea i cant wait for school to be over.. what 2 months ? i need the summer to be here... anyway im out - comment if you'd like.

Tiffany Lynn im sorry we didnt visit you at work tonight.. i love you and wish to see you soon... are you coming to our prom ? muaaaaaah.

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hoLLa ThUrR [21 Apr 2004|11:48pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

soo this week went by WAY too fast. which blows big time cuz well i hate school and dont wana go back at all... blah blah blah!!! its already thursday tomorrow.. what is this?! hmm. last night i didnt do much but talk on the phone, today i did a lot of laundry then went to the imax theatre wit my aunt, and cousins it was fun. then i came home and hung out here then kadie and kayle came over at like 1030 :) i heart them like woahhh. we have fun together. we stole nick, and bobby's bikes haha then nick ended up scaring the shit outta us. hahaha.. gotta love the neighbor hood boys. hehehe. so yea i might be goin to florida in the middle of may to see ms. chelsea graduate from high school haha.. im kinda exicted slash wicked excited haha. kayle wants to go to... but i highly doubt her parents would let her. ahh. annyway im out.

i miss Tiffany Lynn i havent seen her in oh so long and im sick of it. :(

im kinda mad that at the beginning of the year all of us were getting soo close and hangin out 24-7 then everythin jus fell apart.. i wana hang out with everyone again. hmm this summer better be US... i mean it. muahhhh.

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mmm how about... NO [20 Apr 2004|11:27pm]
yea so i was in boston from sunday-tuesday (today) it was a fun time i guess. kayle couldnt come which kinda sucked but whatever. today i found a prom dress and i bought it but it needs to be altered soo im gettin it may 13th i think. its purtee! im excited :) then i came home watched OTH and RW... and talked on the phone to Jon and Timmy.. kayle's wit kadie at steph's college so i havent talked to them since sunday... blah blah! but yea jus wanted to say that Kayla and Kayle were deff the most beautiful girls on friday night... :) haha, i hate fake people and they look HORRIBLE in pictures... hahaha. sorry but its true. yea jus me venting bout a person who probably doesnt read this but ya kno whateverr man!!! laterrrrr
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YO [17 Apr 2004|02:57pm]
[ mood | hot ]

hey i havent updated in a while. things are better. i guess kinda. last week was by far the worst.. but we wont get into that right now :(. soo yesterday was the last day of school before vaca. we had mini olympics and obviously seniors won becuz its rigged and senecal doesnt listen.. hahaa! whateverr man its only mini olympics.

so after school went to kayle's then to her grams, then to my house. picked up kayla and went to get their hair did for prom. left there around 420ish.. went home kayle went back to her house, kayla got dressed. then i dropped my mom and kayla off at kayle's to finish gettin ready, and i went and picked up my love kadie. we went back to kayle's got her kayla and my mom and headed to webster. lots of pictures were taken and we waited a good while for the limo to get there with the other couples becuz some one was running late. so then the limo got there and more pictures were taken... then me mom and kadie left, came back to sutton went out to dinner wit chuck and clayton. me and kadie were ooc.. "jack daniels steak tips please, oh and could you hold the steak tips" -haha. "baked scrod" hahaha! oh man and i almost broke the steering wheel on kayla's car! HA. after dinner we came back to my house and hung out, went to my neighbors house and chilled for a little outside with the kids... overall fun night. then i brought kadie home. :)

i went to bed at 2 last night and woke up at 2 today. hahaha. i love it.
kayle and kadie walked here from their grams to visit me -i liked slash loved it.
yea so now im gona go shower and clean.. i hafta work at 6.
then im hangin chillen wit the cool kids tonight hopefully.
leave the comments :) laterrr

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hmm [14 Apr 2004|03:27pm]
[ mood | sad ]

wow this week was horrible.

the wake is tonight... :( i'm scared to go.
last time i went to a wake it was jus soo bad.
imagine how the family must feel.. hmm :(

kayle & kadie- i love you.
you know i'm here for you always.

p.s. i love this song.

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yo [12 Apr 2004|12:06am]
[ mood | sad ]

i havent updated in a while. last week went by real slow actually. it kinda sucked. i guess school wasnt too too bad tho i dont really remember. its actually monday right now but 7 mins ago it was sunday.. so yea. this weekend we had a 4 day weekend. thursday my mom picked me up from school and i went and applied at marshall's and while i was there i saw Jon and Kristen. haha good times. then i went to worcester and picked up colleen then we came home and hung out it was a fun night. i didnt go to bed til 230 on thurs and woke up at 7 on friday cuz we hada be at my aunts house in shrewsbury for 9 and then go to sudbury to decorate my aunts huge mansion house for colleen's parents surprise party :) it was a fun time. we were tired but it was worth it. then colleen slept over again and that was a fun night too. i actually went to bed @ 1230. and when i woke up colleen was gone cuz my mom hada bring her home for 9. i slept til 11 then went to iparty and goretti's then around 3 i drove me, my aunt, ben and alex to sudbury to do last minute things for the party. then around 430 everyone started showing up... by 530 like everyone was there. then colleen, my grandparents and my aunt and uncle showed up at 6 and were wicked surprised.. it was cute. they loved it :) plan accomplished. my mom and brother were trashed it was pretty funnny.. my moms boyfriend drove her home, chris drove kayla's car and i drove the trooper home wit ryan and ben in it. went to ryans house for a little, then dropped him off at sum party then came home at like 1130. was on the phone for pretty much the entire night... didnt get off the phone til 430 in the morning.. crazy!

today i didnt do much, woke up at 1150 got dressed and went to my aunts for dinner, found out some pretty bad news :( then came home around 5 and jus waited here. around 9 kayle came here and yea we hung out... i brought her home at 10 and i stayed at her house til 1130.. it was a rough day. im not goin to school tomorrow, so yea.. im out tho. leave the comments. or whatever.. bye.

RIP Philip Jacques (Grampy) <3
you'll be missed forever...

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:) 4 day week! [05 Apr 2004|06:09pm]
[ mood | amused ]

woo hoo we only have a 4 day week and that makes me soo excited. this weekend was excellent besides the fact that i couldnt see my kayle saturday night cuz of unknown reasons.. but yea. i love her :) anyway today wasnt bad at all.. i got a 57% on my history test that sucks.. i suck at life.. wow im jus real dumb! but i did get a 98% on my algebra quiz -- that made me happy!!! haha. anyway i then came home and have been real bored all day.. decided to call kayle but she stayed after then i called her back at 545 and her parents actually allowed her to use the phone and didnt even give her a time limit!! shockerrrr... so we talked for a while.. she laughed and that was good cuz she hasnt laughed in a while.

but yea soo this weekend is gona be crazy friday i have to go to sudbury pretty much the whole day, saturday family party, sunday easter.. soo yea.. hopefully thursday night, friday night and saturday night ill have plans wit my oh so cool friends tho.. hmm leave the comments... byye

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thank you god its friday :) [02 Apr 2004|04:39pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

i could not hate school anymore then i do now.

derek came to school @ 2 :)
then he came to my house...
me him and john hung out. :)
that made me a happy kid ... yea

everythings so fucked up right now.

i love how when i try fixin things wit someone, they throw it back in my face and act the biggest asshole! ahh. like everyone THINKS they kno what i mean but they really dont. hmmm... :( :(

i love dani <3 she came in to my chem class today and i havent talked to her in oh so long but we talked and i love her.. :)

i might go to my brothers apartment tonight wit kayle.. jus to get outta this town and away from stupid people which seems to be A LOT of people right now. and the people that arent being stupid are either out tonight or at a dance compition yes im talkin bout the lovely jessica valletta. :) haha

anyway im out.. gona go call my bro and see what hes up to tonight. leave comments.

p.s. it's Jon's 18th birthday :) *happy W birthday*

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